Top Ten E3 Booth Babes

Forza's booth babe. Does she have a license to drive?
Top Ten Booth Babes from E3

Some conventions ban booth babes because they show toooo much breast or toooo much cleavage or leave nottthhinnng to the imagination. Not the E3 expo, where booth babes and their lack of clothes are considered as much as part of the furniture as a Halo announcement. Here's some pictures of said booth babes as spied from around the internets... is this the top ten? What do you think?

Come fly with me

capcom booth babe
Capping off a great expo
What do you crave?
darksider booth babes e3
Beware of the Darksiders


Too much time at the tanning salon?
war game boothe babe
I think she's missing a lollipop?
war of tanks booth babe
Let's hope this is not Sucker Punch cosplay....
Want more? Okay, here's last year's E3 booth babes.

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