Where are the Halo: CE Anniversary skulls found?

A Skull fella from Reach
Where are the Halo: CE Anniversary skulls hidden?

Big spoilers follow if you want to find the Halo skulls yourself.

The original Halo game did not have skulls - the sequel Halo to first introduced them as a fun thing to do but it was Halo 3 that took find Skulls to a whole new level - once you found them located in some pretty crazy places (and completely obvious ones too! - think Halo level in that snowy cave) you could utilise them in campaign mode to make the game even more challenging. Reach and ODST dispensed with finding skull locations but threw in datapads and diaries to keep the interest up.

So it's not quite a throw back but Halo: CE Anniversary skulls has skulls to find and then use in game just like H3. So the big question then is Where are the Halo: CE Anniversary skulls hidden?

Here's the list of skull locations - good luck skull hunter!

  • Effect: After dying, restarts the entire level, or on co-op, restarts to the previous checkpoint.
  • Found during The Pillar of Autumn. Just as you’re given control, turn right and enter the back of the room. Search for two crates near one of the walls, you’ll find the skull behind these two crates.
  • Effect: All enemy health is doubled, while enemy sentinel bots have double shields.
  • Found during Halo, just as you step out of the wrecked pod, turn right and walk towards the waterfall. The skull is behind the waterfall, behind a rock near the cliff-face.
  • Effect: All explosions have their blast radius doubled.
  • Found during Halo, when the warthog is dropped off, jump in and drive it towards the first large tunnel leading underground. Instead of driving down into the tunnel, jump out and follow the cliff edge on the right. You’ll find the skull in the grass above the tunnel.
  • Effect: Cannot pick up alien weapons, but can drive alien vehicles.
  • On the alien ship during Truth & Reconciliation, wait until you reach the area where you face off against hunters for the third time. The skull is through the door they enter the hangar from.
  • The room is a large hangar bar where marines are dropped off to help you. Fight and kill every alien until music begins to chime. You need to wait on the far right-side of the room so that you can rush through the doors just as they open.
  • Effect: All weapons have only half their regular magazine size.
  • Find this skull on Silent Cartographer. Just as you land, turn around and walk away from the fighter and your checkpoint. Continue circling the island until you reach a ramp leading up to the top of a flat piece of land right in the middle. Run up the ramp to find a skull at the top.
  • Effect: Infinite ammo for all weapons.
  • Enter the security building during Silent Cartographer and down the path that leads to the security console. Leave the room through the doorway left of the console, and once outside, look left again.
  • You should be able to see an infinite drop, but also the outer part of the hallway you used to get into the console room. You’ll need to grenade jump to reach the top of the outer hallway.
  • If grenade jumping is too tricky here, try rocket jumping.
  • Effect: Disables all radar.
  • Found during Assault on the Control Room. The skull is on a raised platform. Find the room after crossing your first bridge and riding an elevator down to the ground floor. You’ll know which platform is the right one if there’s a tube shooting steam directly beneath.
  • This is a very tricky skull to reach. Find a small raised edge to throw the grenade onto before attempting to grenade jump so that you can jump high enough to reach the higher area.
  • Effect: Randomly disables one player’s HUD.
  • Found during Assault on the Control Room, when you enter the massive underground room through the tunnels, you’ll see pipes in the center sticking out of both sides of the gorge. The skull is on your side of the gorge from where you enter, and almost just ahead on one of these pipes, left of the broken bridge.
  • Effect: Every shot fired uses 2 rounds in a magazeine instead of just 1.
  • Found during 343 Guilty Spark, as you cross a fallen tree and see one of the alien turrets explode while enemies open fire from a structure ahead, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Don’t go inside just yet, instead run to the left wall and hug it until you reach a turret with a small drop behind it. Carefully jump down to find a skull at the bottom.
Black Eye
  • Effect: Shields only recharge when using melee attacks on an enemy.
  • On the first floor of The Library, before entering the large, yellow, circular Index Chamber, look for a yellow vent in the ceiling closest to the Index Chamber door. Grenade jump into the vent to find the skull.
Eye Patch
  • Effect: No auto-aim.
  • During The Library, before you take the Index, circle around and seach the far back of the room behind the Index. The skull is on the ground far behind the Index.
  • Effect: Melee attacks on enemies make them drop grenades.
  • Found during Two Betrayals, the skull is on a ledge directly above the underground tunnel exit. You’ll have to reach the end of the level, take a Banshee, and fly it all the way back to this point to get up there and find the skull.
Grunt Birthday Party
  • Effect: Headshots make grunts explode into confetti.
  • Found during The Maw, during your big escape in the warthog. When Cortana tells you to stop on a platform, and you see the Foehammer shot down, that’s where you want to look. The skull is on a railing to your right as you enter. Use the Warthog to back up against the railing, then jump ontop of the ‘hog to get high enough to grab the skull.
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