Where are the Halo Anniversary Terminals located?

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Where are the Halo Anniversary Terminals located?

One of the new features of the Anniversary edition of Halo is the addition of Terminals that shed some information about the ring the Master Chief found himself on - and also some clues into what Halo 4 may hold!

Here's where you can find the Terminals within the campaign of Halo: CE Anniversary

Terminal #1 – Pillar of Autumn
  • Early in the stage, moving towards the bridge, you’ll talk to Keyes. When you have control again, look on the bridge for a red computer console, that’s your terminal.
Terminal #2 – Halo
  • Entering the underground tunnel, instead of jumping over the gap, search for a side tunnel that leads directly to the terminal.
Terminal #3 – Truth and Reconciliation
  • Reaching the bridge and defeating the Elite there, search the raised central platform.
Terminal #4 – Silent Cartographer
  • In the center of the island, you’ll face off against two Hunters. Find the terminal on the outerwall of the central structure in this area.
Terminal #5 – Assault on the Control Room
  • Near the end of the level, you’ll reach the pyramid-shaping Control Room structure. At the center of the pyramid is a large piece of the structure leading directly into a crevasse in the ground. Down in the crevasse, you’ll find secret ammo and a terminal.
Terminal #6 – 343 Guilty Spark
  • Reaching the elevator leading to the facility exit, turn around and look above the door. The terminal is above the elevator room door. To get up there, you’ll need to jump off the elevator as it moves up.
Terminal #7 – The Library
  • On the third floor of the Library, you’ll eventually reach a large circular room where the Index platform is just above you. Go right from the entrance, jump over the barrier, and you’ll enter another room where the terminal is just ahead, in plain view.
Terminal #8 – Two Betrayals
  • In the control room, in the beginning, look around the circular chamber and you’ll find the terminal across from the control console.
Terminal #9 – Keyes
  • After finding Keyes, absorbed by the Flood, defend yourself against the incoming enemies. In this room, search the two sunken crevices to your sides, you’ll find the terminal down in one of the two crevices.
Terminal #10 – The Maw
  • Play until you reach the Cryogenic Storage Bay, and search the walls for the console.

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