More speculation on the Halo: CE remake - Joystiq think they know

Joystiq has apparently learned that the previously rumored remake of Halo: Combat Evolved will indeed launch this holiday season for Xbox 360 with a full visual overhaul.

Joystiq states "Sources explain that the re-release is not Bungie's 2001 Xbox game simply running at a higher resolution -- it's being remade with new art assets. While Halo's audio will likely remain unaltered, the controls will allow for more recent Halo configurations."

Of course, theses sources are not stated so this news must be taken with a huge grain of salt. Joystiq does go on to make some fairly detailed claims about the remake:

"The Halo: Combat Evolved remake is allegedly being developed by New Jersey-based Saber Interactive, the company behind TimeShift and Namco's upcoming Inversion, but we've been unable to confirm the nature of the engine powering it. We understand that it's something other than the Reach engine.

The Halo: Combat Evolved update, one of two Halo games currently in development under the watchful eye of 343 Industries, is expected to support 1080p resolution and 3D televisions. Details on multiplayer are supposedly still being worked out, but we understand the remake will likely feature online co-op (the original game supported two-player split-screen co-op). "

Joystiq also suggested that the remake would be released on the 10 year anniversary of the Halo release date, November 10, 2010. 

I think I read somewhere recently that Microsoft had declared there would be no statements about Halo games this year - but if this rumour is true, obviously MS has been playing smoke and mirrors.

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