Is Joseph Staten actually the Master Chief?

Joe Staten on the left
Joseph Staten, pretty much one of the foundation rocks of Bungie, has done a interview with Industry Gamers website. The interview  is part of a series of interviews with game publishers to "form a baseline on what motivates studios to develop and create characters. That in turn will help form an idea as to what drives gamers to purchase games."

Staten was able to give some interesting insights into how Bungie saw the Master Chief:

Industry Gamer: The Master Chief has become one of the most recognizable characters in gaming, and yet most gamers know nothing of the character as a person. Why did you decide to leave out details about his background from the games and expand upon them in the expanded universe of the series?

Mr Staten: We left-out details to increase immersion; the less players knew about the Chief, we believed, the more they would feel like the Chief. When it came to the Halo novels and other products of the expanded universe, immersion wasn’t as important as deepening understanding.

Check out the full interview here.

Extra for Experts: It was Joseph who first wore the clothing that featured the intriguing Bungie Aerospace logo.....

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