www.kinecthalo.com registered by Microsoft

So sometimes I’m a lil bit slow – I ony just realised that Microsoft has registered the domain name ‘KinectHalo.com’ This happened half way through 2010.

What’s the big deal you say? Well it potentially suggests that Halo will indeed be developed with the Kinect technology in mind.

That’s a maybe as the who is look up shows that Microsoft has over 482,304 other domains registered and I’ll guarantee most of those are unsued and simply there to protect against cyber squatters using Microsoft’s Intellectual Property such as Halo. As an aside -  imagine the yearly bill for all those domain name renewals!

Microsoft has made no formal announcements about the next Halo game but Frankie from 343 Industries who is in charge of Halo did recently say "I think that there are a lot of questions that fans of the series want answered, and we'll certainly be in the business of answering those questions" which is a good lil bit of double speak if you ask me!

So what do you think? Could Kinect enhance the Halo playing experience?

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