Will of the Prophets: Hard to decipher

It's just a cool picture, Ok?

Forward Unto Dawn has conducted some sweet analysis of the latest Halo info from Gametrailers.

Dani spells out the Invasion game type quite succintly:

"Invasion is a six on six objective game mode. Six Spartans attempt to defend their base against the invading six Elites across three “phases”. Each team takes a turn at both invading and defending."

Check out the full article.

I noted in the comments section for Space Invaders Anonymous suggested the "Will of the Prophets' as a title for the comments section was too hard to figure out on a casual read - duly noted and so I have gone back to 'Comments' for a trial. Thanks for your input Anon!

How many days till the beta? 15? CANT.HARDLY.WAIT.


Anonymous said...

I'm famous in my anonymity :D

Anonymous said...

Ohhh... it appears to be working...