The Big Flood of Halo Reach news and views


I've been busy so blogging bin light. Here's a round up of all the news and views that have popped about about Halo Reach over this week. Mostly thanks to HBO! (but sources linked direct)

Halo Pricing Let Loose?

"An alleged Best Buy ad, to be circulated next week, reveals that the retail packages will range in price from $60 for the standard game to $150 for the Legendary Edition, with the "limited" iteration of Reach falling in at $80. As you might imagine, the standard version supposedly comes with just the game itself, while the limited version is said to also include a "special limited edition case, collectibles and in-game armor," according to the ad. The $150 option allegedly contains all of the contents of the limited edition, in addition to even more "unique packaging" and in-game armor, plus a "Legendary Noble 6 Sculpture." When asked for comment, Microsoft issued its standard response: "We don't comment on rumor or speculation."" Source

Remember if you buy Halo Reach from Amazon you get a $20 Amazon store credit.

Forward Unto Dawn lets the words fly on Halo 2 Muliplayer

Three articles on their thoughts about how Halo 2 muliplayer worked for them. ONE. TWO. THREE.

Reach is fast nearing completion

According to Marcus Tung, "We’re days away from content complete, which means we’ll be hammering on this game for the next couple of months to make sure it’s the best damn thing any of you have ever put in your xbox."

The rest will be spit and polish. Bungie, I'm sending my spit across the Pacific Ocean for you...

Some dude got to play with Jet Packs and confirmed they are an awesome addition to game play.

IGN also got to have a play.

Of the game type Headhunter they said "Headhunter – no relation to the Sega Dreamcast Metal Gear clone from 2001, thankfully – is a risk versus reward, every man for himself affair. The premise is that each time you kill an opponent they drop a skull, and each skull you collect can be banked at one of the two scoring zones that periodically move around the map. For each skull you bank, you receive a point. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins, but you can end the game at any moment and claim victory by banking ten skulls in one transaction. Sounds straightforward enough."

And here's a pretty in depth write up on the beta game play as well.

"Active Camo is now an Armor Ability as well, giving the player a limited time to be less visible. Standing completely still makes you completely invisible, while walking, running, and shooting makes you easier to pick out. Armor Lock is an interesting ability: when activated the Spartan crouches and becomes completely invincible, but cannot shoot or move. It's an easy way to soak even the most powerful weapon shots, and if you stay down for long enough, you throw off an EMP charge when you get up, killing the shields of nearby enemies and allowing you to quickly turn the tables. It's a risk/reward move, but when used well it's a very effective tactic."
Finally Bungie have released another Podcast. In the same breath, Bungie have added their own beta info to the beta buck down? Here's a taste:
So, what can players expect to find when they visit on May 3rd?

Tom Gioconda - In the past, Beta time on meant players simply had access to game history, but for Reach we’ve gone significantly further than that. Not only will you find game history, but your Service Record, aggregate career stats, Commendations, File Share, file tagging, file rating, file searching, file comments, and even Reach Film Render to Video for Bungie Pro subscribers. Most of these features are extremely well polished, and not at all what you would expect a Beta to support.

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