Why Andrew Nicol should direct the Halo Movie

Why Andrew Nicol should direct the Halo Movie (if it ever gets green lit again!)

First up. Who is Andew Nicol you might ask? He’s a Hollywood film director that KNOWS his SCI FI. He’s notabably notable for writing and directing GATTACCA and writing and producing The Truman Show (and was Oscar nominated) but he also wrote S1MONE which starred Al Pacino and wrote the The Terminal for Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. He also knows about guns, lots of guns as he wrote and directed the Nic Cage vehicle, Lord of War. Don't get shot with your own gun eh?

Nicol knows the Hollywood system inside and out having been a player for many years. He's friends with the Biggest Player of them All, Mr Speilberg. He will be able to manage the crap and provide a platform which Frank, 343 Industries and Bill Gates are happy with.

Combine his love of sci fi, ability to write oscar nominated scripts, and his clear, determined approach to no nonsense movie making and you have a guy that can shepherd in a Halo movie with the love and care that expected from the built-in fan base.

Actually, it’s not that Andrew Nicol should direct the Halo movie, its Andrew Nichol deserves the Halo movie.

Plus he’s a New Zealander! We Kiwis are fucking great at making movies (and Halo Games – see Chris Butcher). We have Peter Jackson and Sam Neil. He kicked Juarassic Park’s Prehistoric Ass back to beyond the Stone Age. Hell, Sam Neil would make a great Captain of the Pillar of Autumn eh? 

What ever you do Andrew, DO NOT CAST DENZEL WASHINGTON as Sarge Johnson. Washington's smugness ruins just about every movie he's been in. Except Training Day when his smug character needed his smug attitude....

Oh crickey, I just remembered about James Cameron. Ignore the above!

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