Game Informer Cover Artwork Revealed

After the leak of the Reach picture that suggested things were gonna happen, Game Informer Magazine has formally revealed the cover art for its February  2010 Edition saying:

"After keeping the gaming public waiting for months, Bungie is finally revealing the details behind its stunning new prequel game, Halo: Reach. Game Informer's February cover story has 10 pages of exclusive details, screenshots, and art to sate your curiosity."

Game Informer has a schedule of about 11 more updates on Halo Reach news for the whole of January. Stay tuned, we'll bring you the good stuff! 

10 pages of details? Halo Reach Game News cannot hold itself together!

Here's some of the pictures with 5 Spartans - where's the Lone Wolf? Is it from his perspective?

Same shot but Spartan's cropped:

and also the original accidentally exposed picture which is the background for Game Informers: Halo Hub

So that's some pretty cool Halo artwork eh? What's your fave Spartan representation?

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