But can you play as Oonsk?

Meet Oonsk:

In a very late addition to the Halo: Reach campaign this fellow has been added as an unlockable character when you've completed the game on the Legendary setting with no shots fired. Teh Internets accordingly abounds with many fans pissed off Bungie has screwed gone all Hollywood and added their own Jar-Jar Binks to the Halo franchise.... here's the updated Reach logo with Oonsk:

WTF? Yeah I know, check out the in joke....

Seriously, wee Oonsk is getting a growing fan base. There have alreadly been calls for him to appear as an XBL gamer tag!

How did Oonsk get their name? Where do they come from? Check out the spartan shoulder to the left picture this post... kind looks like 'UNSC' eh?

Further, check how Bungie redid the Lone Wolf Trailer and showed Oonsk, dropping in, shall we say:

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