Game Informer's Removed Halo Reach Graphic

So like Vva HBO via NEOGAF comes a picture for Halo Reach promotion that was up on Game Informer but  was then quickly removed, seemingly because it was posted incorrectly timewise. HBO notes the original post had a date of Jan 9 and suggests it means Game Informer will have so Halo Heaven for us soon...

The cynic in me also thinks maybe this short time display was a deliberate strategy to bring attention to the website's new halo content... what better way to get attention is to show something for a little bit and then take it way... kinda like a stripper at the start of her act ;)

Manwhile, here's the picture - cos once its on the net, it stays on the net! It would be good for wall paper if any one is keen - here's how to make Halo wallpaper if you're not so net savy.

I count 4 spartans.. where's the other 2 from the trailer....insert rabid fan speculation here. Also, does that thing in the back ground look like something from Empire Strikes Back?

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