Sunday, June 14

Which Spartans are in Halo 5's Blue Team?

Which Spartans are in Halo 5's Blue Team?

You may have heard that Halo 5 will feature the Master Chief leading Blue Team. If you're not familiar with the expanded Halo universe, you might know know that his crew of Fred, Kelly and Linda are Spartans who have done the rounds and are finally getting their shot in the lime light in an actual Halo game.

Here's a brief bio of the quartet:

Master Chief Petty Officer John-117:
The hero of humanity, responsible for winning the Covenant war. After Cortana’s destruction, Chief reunited with Blue Team, his ­oldest ­friends.
Loadout: Assault Rifle/Magnum
Lieutenant Junior Grade Frederic-104:
An expert in strategy and battlefield command, Frederic-104 is the highest-ranking member of Blue Team, but usually defers command to the Chief. Is a big Star Wars triva nerd.
Petty Officer Linda-058:
A highly skilled marksman, Linda-058 is the quietest member of Blue Team, but also the ­most ­observant.
Loadout: Sniper Rifle/Magnum
Petty Officer Kelly-087:
Blue Team’s key reconnaissance talent, Kelly-087 is quick on her feet and with analysis of any given combat situation.

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