Look who's turning up as major characters in Halo 5!

Halo fans may spot that the Masterchief has some new mates to play with in Halo 5. This time round Cortana is gone (remember in H4 she gave her digital life so the Chief would make it) and he has some well known characters from the expanded universe at this side.

Welcome to the videodrome, Kelly, Fred and Linda!

But that's not all. Check out a certain face from Halo 3: ODST

That's the face of Nathan Fillion as Buck from ODST! Your mom might refer to his as that guy from Castle too!

We say this is a nice mix up for Halo 5 - We love the concept that Jameson Locke's Fireteam Osiris will be hunting down Team Blue.

There will be more details coming thick and fast now - we're keen to see who the bad guys will be, and especially what part the Precursors may hold....

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