Selvaria Bles in a Bikini Cosplay

Care for a dip in the pool?
You may have heard of Selvaria Bles. She's the b'arch from the Valkyria Chronicles, a popular Sega game. Oh you haven't heard of her? Selvaria Bles is a twenty-two year old Brigadier General and a member of the Triumvirhe is one of the leaders of the Empire's invasion of Gallia and one of Valkyria Chronicles main antagonists. So now you know.

Today, for your view pleasure, the ever popular Crystal Graziano show's off her best Selvaria bikini cosplay out, to keep you, the fans, well endowed (I mean entertained!). Here's Crysal on a couch. I think she means business.

These cos shots of Selvaria are actually enough to make me wanna go out and buy the actual Valkyria Chronicles game! It's good right? It must be if it has it's main villain running around in a bikini!

Lounging around with Selvaria

This is movie star quality right?

We also managed to find this colour shot. Don't thank me, buy me something?
Bikini Babe Alert

When Crystal is not working on her Play Station tan, she really gets in to character. Here's her dressed as a fully clothed Selvaria Bles at a gaming convention and posing for other 'glamour shots'.

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