More Incompetent Cartographer from Urk!

More cool forge stuff from Urk - this is the follow up to his map making efforts from yesterday.

Don't be playin' with my emotions!

The first dance went down on Riptide and though there were a few holes shot through her hull, the vessel remains afloat. Sure, Derek said that the submerged walkways were totally confusing and didn't add much to the experience, but who the hell is he to judge? Oh, right. He's a multiplayer designer. 
Dammit. She's seaworthy (barely), but taking on water.

Okay, so Riptide needs a little more work. A few patches here and there. That's cool. I didn't expect the first version to be a rousing success. I'm just glad it didn't make anyone throw down their controllers in abject disgust.

Lemme set the stage.

First thing first, we only had four players for the inaugural run. This was more of an exhibition match than anything else. Just looking to ensure that the initial spawns work and that we can, indeed, get a game in. (Also confirmed: initial loadout camera from Blue Base works as advertised.)

On the Red Team, Chad and Cameron. With me on the Blues is my man Derek. Well, he's not my man. We're just friends. At least we eat lunch together from time to time. But I don't pick up the check or anything. And then we go back to our desks. Alone.

So yeah, 2v2. Manos y manos.

First stop, DMR. I make the run out to the extended walkway's over watch position thinking I can take the Reds by surprise.

No dice, they've already identified their best firing position and they're using it to pepper my face with hot magnum. Nowhere to run, I drop down into the water below.

Collect the Rocket Launcher.

And run away.

Fortunately for me, the Reds aren't interested in giving chase, or putting rounds into my back, so I make it to the lift below Blue Base unscathed. Going up!

Only to cycle all the way back down and around to sneak in underneath their perch, armed and ready to deliver my explosive payload.

But my splash damage misses the mark. I only succeed in giving Chad's backside a slight burning sensation.

Allowing him to soar into the air like a bird.

Swoop down and around.

And come from behind with his newly acquired Shotgun. Which now seems like a terrible idea on this map. Who the hell put that thing down there, anyway?

Regardless of where the fault lies, Chad turns my upper body into so much bloody chum and my master plan to open the game with a bang ends with us down by a score of 4 to -1. Ouch.

And let it be said that Chad is indeed a gentleman and a scholar. He did drop down to collect his spoils, but he did not defile my moistened corpse with any celebratory crouching.

And the next time I claimed the Rocket Launcher, I decided to take it into the drink instead of dying and leaving it to be claimed by the other team. Head height water did the trick. At this point, Derek and I are desperately down by a score of 5 to 2, but our fortunes are about to change.

I can't upload the full video and I don't have the time to go into any more blow by blow breakdowns of the action, but let's just say that Cameron took to the skies, I took hold of the Rocket Launcher again (this time with much success), and Derek...well, Derek went Death Blossom with the DMR.

By the time it was all said and done, Blue Team turned it around and finished out strong. Blues win, 25 to 15.

The real story is that Riptide isn't really set up for 2v2. It's just too big. And it's not anywhere near ready for prime time, either. But there weren't any game breakers and I think I already have a good way to solve for Derek's feedback. Before I do, though, I want to widen the net and see what comes out of the official round of playtesting. Start building a consensus on what works and what's total crap. As soon as I have that feedback in hand, I'll start thinking about revisions and form my Forge plan of attack, armed (hopefully) with a wealth of invaluable information.

Stay Tuned.

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