Want a free Reach Beta Code?

So like I own ODST so have access to the Beta that way (here's my review)  - so now that Microsoft has kindly sent me a reach beta entry code because of my loyal service as a Halo 2 player, I have a spare code which I'm very will to share.

Here's the deal - leave a comment in this post saying why you KNOW Halo: Reach is going to be the best Halo game eva. THEN you must also follow Halo Reach Game News on Twitter or join the Facebook page.

Simple as that eh?

I'll run this till some time late tm. Those who send beer will get preferential selection bestowed apon them!! Sob stories will also be entered into...

Update: I gave the code to Anonymous. Congrats and good game dude!


Anonymous said...

Halo is going to be the best game because is so freaking cool. Armor Abilities, new weapons for example. <3

Anonymous said...

Yeah those armor abilities look amazing. I was about to go buy odst just to get into the beta, so if I get yours, I'll save thirty dollars! Will my chances of winning your glorious beta key be increased if I tell you I love you? Because I do.

By the way: keep up the awesome blog. There's even a post about my anonymous "will of the prophets" advice around here somewhere :p

I shall now proceed to join your facebook and follow your twitter. Oh, my email is grantleggett@yahoo.com so please let me know if i win!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Well I can't get to facebook or twitter with this computer, but I promise I'll do it first thing when I get home! grantleggett@yahoo.com !!!
And in case I wasn't clear enough before, Reach is going to be the greatest thing to ever grace the earth. Period.

Boomshot said...

I heard playing Reach will cure cancer!

Anonymous said...

Halo Reach is amazing because, well, it is. It surpasses all games previous and contains a hidden ability to make WM2 gamers jealous. Even if they don't admit it... :-P Halo Reach FTW!!