Face Guy Artist is a U2 Fan?

The above picture is an Easter Egg of sorts from ODST's Windward Firefight map. I call him Face Guy. To find him, one must jump off the player zone just beyond where the rocket launcher is housed. As you fall, look towards the wall you just jumped from and you'll spy him. This is the only Easter Egg I found in ODST!

Face Guy has been bugging me for ages as it reminded me some thing. It's nagged me for months. Was it Frankie? Was it a Bungie employee? Someone's self portrait? As I was walking home from work today, I figured out who it was. U2's The First Time came on my iphone - and with it, the album cover of Zooropa.

And there he was, Windward's Face Guy on the album's artwork:

Now, I'm not saying Face Guy is U2's logo but the resemblance was enough for me to go, "ooohhhh!!"  You can argue they are nothing a like but they must surely be from the same family, they have the same ears!

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