Steve Downes - the voice of Master Chief

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Steve Downes - the voice of Master Chief

After I wrote about the stir in Japan about the voice actors of Cortana and the Masterchief being changed for the Japanese version of Halo 4, thought I'd look up Steve Downes who a lot of Halo fans might recognise as the Master Chief. Steve has sort of become famous in the gaming community for his role as the voice of John 117 - he is of course the ying to Jen Taylor's yang.

Here's his biography which shows that along with being The Big Green Guy, he's got a full time job as a radio DJ, does other voice over work

From Steve Downes site.

'Millions of fans already know Steve Downes' legendary sound as the voice of one of the world's most beloved heroes: The super Spartan cyber-soldier--Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 from Bungie Studio's top selling HALO video game series for Xbox. But countless many have also heard this epically talented VO extraordinaire as the exclusive voice for the Carnival Cruiselines national ad campaign and as narrator for The Discovery Channel's hit show--The Shark Attack Files.

Some of Steve's other voiceover credits include Sears Craftsman Tools, International Truck, Comerica Bank/Michigan and the Chesapeake Energy TV campaigns, just to name a few. And Steve's exceptional and acclaimed voice work doesn't stop at the monumentally successful Halo game series and these fantastic commercial, promo and narration spots…

Over the years Steve has spent some of his down time as Chicago's favorite radio host from 97.1 FM WDRV, “The DRIVE,” and he's recognized, across the country, as the host of two exceedingly popular nationally syndicated radio programs: The Classics and The Wine Experience. The producers at 97.1 FM WDRV call Steve Downes a national rock 'n' roll radio icon and proudly claim that “Steve's on-air delivery and vast music knowledge not only protects The Drive's creed of 'Respect The Music', but also furthers it.”

Needless to say, Steve Downes, as the iconic voice of Master Chief (and some would say of rock 'n' roll), holds the reverence and recognition of literally millions of 12-50 year olds. This sound of a legend can tell and sell your story and save your next spot with the surefire skill, influence, experience and precision, you should only expect--and will only get--from the voice of a hero.'

If you've got the time, check out Steve's voice over reel - it's most disconcerting to hear the Master Chief talk about sex, sharks and Led Zeppelin.....

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