Halo's voice over actors dumped for Halo 4


Halo's voice over actors dumped for Halo 4

Believe it or not but people other than yourself care about Halo so much that when the game makers change something or do something they don't like they throw their toys and cause a riot. Something Mass Effect 3 fans would never do of course. 

The Halo community of Japan did however start a petition when Soutaro Tojima, the audio director for Halo 4 announced that there would be a change in the Japanese voice over actors for the Master Chief and Cortana. 

The Japanese cast  has featured Atsuki Tani and Akiko Koike for the past Halo games but has been replaced by voice actors Rikiya Koyama and Ayumi Fujimura.

Kotaku reports that that 'the change in cast was almost immediately met with a stream of confused, worried and angry twitter posts directed at Tojima and his decision. Tojima replied that the voice cast choice was "strongly influenced by 'my own feelings'" and that when the game is released and people play it, if they are disappointed by the cast, it will be entirely his responsibility. Unsatisfied with Tojima's response, Japanese fans have put up an online petition to have the original voice actors reinstated.'

I doubt anything will change as a result of this petition however it's nice to see that gamers in Japan care just as much about Halo as us in good old New Zealand. 

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