J Bach's Halo 4 Concept Artwork

Humanity's most popular Boy Scout
Do you remember the live action Halo trailer that featured the Infinity? Of course you do. Here's some Halo concept artwork by one J Bach that helped the production of the advertisment. Bach has done a tour of duty at Lucasfilm so he would appear to know his stuff.

The picture below shows a scene from the trailer where the crew of the Infinity are attending it's launch event.

Infinity launch ceremony artwork

Bach notes that the trailer was going to feature the Master Chief but the scene was cut. He's kindly supplied some of the art for that scene however and a pretty cool one of some Forerunner structures being explored by some kind of humanoid looking figure. Bach notes "This last image was for a concept in which an ancient technology sitting undisturbed for eons is finally discovered by a young native boy."

Any body home? Yoo hooooooo...
The USNC Infinity

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