ME3 has specific dialogue for first timers to the franchise

Wondering if you should buy Mass Effect 3 but you haven't played either of the first two games? No fear, the game's designers have already thought about this scenario and come up with a solution.

Mass Effect 3's associate producer, Robyn Theberge has had a chat with Game Junkie and elaborated:

“For those people who haven’t played an ME game yet, this is a really good entry point to the series. The game adapts and rewrites itself based on whether a player is importing a save [from ME2] or not. In the case of a new player, the game adapts the dialogue to add more context to things, to give them [new players] more back story. But this is the breakout of the war in the galaxy so it’s a really good place to come into the franchise.”

That shows real commitment from Mass Effect's production team to make sure this game works at every level.

The ability to play the game with less fighting and more RPG and vice versa supports this effort and bodes very well for the game itself:

“We wanted players to have a lot of choice in terms of the kind of experiences they have. We’ve also added game experience types in ME3, so players can select story experience the traditional RPG experience or action experience, and that allows then to tailor how they play the game. In Action it’s more cinematic, with more difficult combat, in Story mode it’s more story-driven and you play through all of the dialogue, there’s lots of exploration and the combat is a little easier and RPG (mode) is kind of the middle ground for our traditional fans who want the dialogue as well as the challenging combat.”

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