Cos Play from Around the Universe

Cos Play from Around the Universe

First up a pretty sweet Star Wars cosplay of 'Darth Stalker' from the Force Unleashed. Source

Here's a pretty sweet picture of a whole bunch of Bioshock cosplay fans from Dragon Con. Here's some more images from that day.

No one would begrudge Gears of Halo from giving some cos play love to Final Fantasy VIII's Siren would you? This Sexy Siren was played out by the beautiful Etaru Kaumoto.

I think this next Lady in Black is the Black Widow - careful - I think she's about to go all Avengers on your ass! Source.

black widow avengers cosplay

Next up is a random group of colourfull cosplayers from the Toronto Fan Expo. Looks like these characters had a pretty good day all round!

Here's a nice version of Noel Vermillion from Baz Blue. She was spied at the Tokyo Game Show

And finally here's some Gears of War cosplay from the Gears of War III launch party - it's Carmine (alive!?) and some one's daughter from the game who's name I cannot remember....

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