Sexy Black Widow Cos Play Outfits

In Soviet Russia you don't screw the Black Widow, Black Widow Screws you! But not Ryan Reynolds. You asked for and and we ignored you until we ran out of hot babes to show you, so now it's time for the MEGA babes who choose to dress up in their finest leather Black Widow costumes. So here you go lads, get stuck in. Just don't get bitten....

How many rounds in the chamber?
Black Widow exercises some girl power. 
She's got nothing on Catwoman's leather....
Forgot your bra love?

You might recall that the Black Widow was in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers - the question I want you to think about is was she as hot as The Rockettes? If you can't remember either, buy Iron Man 2 on Blu Ray.

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