Robert Rodriguez should direct Halo movie

Jessica Alba as Cortana?

HBO noticed that Holly Wood director Robert Rodriguez had a few things to say about a possible Halo movie. His views are interesting because he's a dude who *gets* movies. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go buy Sin City. Rodriguez spoke to IGN - and one of the questions had the machete loving director talking about Halo:

"My 12-year-old was playing the original Halo again on campaign. He was like, "This is so cool." Just watching Master Chief step out for the first time, and seeing him relive that for the first time. He probably never really played it like that. It's amazing seeing how it still works cinematically after 10 years. It goes to show good storytelling will never go out of style. In fact, that's what's needed in movies today. Storytelling needs to be even better than ever because that's how people are absorbing stories now, is through interactive."

So, I've previously suggested Andrew Nicholson should direct the Halo movie but perhaps Microsoft and Frankie should seriously think about giving the reins to Rodriquez?

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