Frankie talks about Cortana in Halo 4

Frankie recently had a chat with OXM and they let slip a little bit of what he said about our favourite purple AI, Cortana.

Said Microsoft's Gatekeeper of all things Halo:

"I can tell you Cortana's going to be a focal point of Halo 4, for sure."

"I think a lot of people are speculating on Cortana's age and the effects of age on an AI, there's this thing called Rampancy which is really just any AI thinking itself to death and Cortana's been around for a while and most AIs have a lifespan of seven years.

"Cortana's a little bit different in that she's been exposed to a lot more technology and information than other AIs via the Forerunner lore and mythos. But her state of mind, her relationship with the Chief, they're all going to be core elements of the story and the 'human drama' as it were in Halo."

So basically Frankie's telling us nothing and everything at the same time? What do you think Cortana's role would be? Will she stay with the Chief and act as his guide or will she disappear off into whatever that ship or planet is at the end of the Halo 4 Trailer?

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