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Monday, August 8

Destiny's secrets revealed. Kinda.

Misriah Solutions has given the Bungie O' Brave New World Vidoc the indepth go over with a fine tooth comb / CSI forensic examination and this has bourne the fruit of a few secrets about Destiny. Kinda.

For instance, the above picture apparently shows the word 'Destiny' actually used on a poster of some sort in the Bungie studio. There's also thoughts on the Grognok, telling Tshirts and stars.....


Anonymous said...

I am a forensic analyst for a security firm and the poster in the image does not say destiny at all. I didn't even have to use photo sharpening software to see the dead give-away: destiny is spelled with 9 letter where as the word on this poster only has 8.

Anonymous said...

Typo fix: Destiny is 7 letters, and the word pictured has 8.

Jimmy Jangles said...

The last 'letter' is actually the Destiny logo. Where did you get your Forensics degree from again? ;)

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