Marathon Infinity source code to be made free by Bungie

Bungie are soooo bad ass now they are back to being an independent game developer - which works for us as they've announced today that Marathon Infinity is a) probably be going to released on the Ipad and b) the source code is going to be made free. When? Soon. 


Oh and in a timely throwback, a fan developer is creating a Marathon iPad port, which is totally sweet! In honor of his hard work and serious fan dedication, we're going to do something we should have done a long time ago (but didn't because our legal counsel "forgot"). We're going to make the final title in our Marathon franchise, Marathon Infinity, open source. Just like that. Bam!

Look for a link to grab the source code soon.

The developer has also graced us with a quick interview detailing the trials, tribulations, and tasty primates he went through in order to get Marathon up and running on the iPad. 


Here's some Q&A with with the developer:

Daniel Blezek is a pretty amazing character. You should get to know him. Not only has he devoted some of his precious personal cycles to bringing the Marathon experience to the iPad, it turns out - like most players of Bungie games - he's quite an interesting dude.

To learn more about the newly appointed Marathon Man, and to set the stage for the recently released Marathon for iPad, scan the terminal text below and conceive of the rebirth of a world.

Q. Who are you and what do you do?
A. Multiple answers to that question, so in no particular order... I am what was once called a "good family man." My beautiful wife and I are coming up on 16 years, and we have five beautiful children (from 12 to 3 months), and an affectionate dog named Quin. The gaggle of us love the outdoors, especially hiking and canoeing. We're going to Yellowstone for a family vacation this summer, and the older two boys and I are canoeing in Minnesota's Boundary Waters Canoe Area in the fall. During the day, my wife homeschools the kids and takes them on various adventures, while I put my time into developing GPU-based image analysis/processing algorithms for a large medical center. That keeps us all very busy. Nights and weekends turn me into an indie iOS game developer.

Q. Why did you decide to port Marathon to iOS?
A. I ask myself that all the time! I got started doing iOS development in my day job. I've always been intrigued with game development, and have written several different games for a variety of platforms, so naturally, I tried my hand on the iOS, porting a game with a friend. That lead to poking around with other projects. When the iPad was announced, I was between night-time projects, and had been playing through the Marathon trilogy. Playing with the iPad got me thinking about playing Marathon on the platform, and so the project was born.

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