Does having Skywalker Ranched involved make 343 legit?

Could I be any more blatant with my thievery from Waypoint?

Help us, Master Chief. You're our only hope.

Sometimes, when following a treacherous road toward the unknown, you find yourself lost in a seemingly endless series of deserted hills. If it’s a bad day, they have eyes that belong to blood-thirsty, misshapen creatures. If it’s a good day, they’re moonlit mountains, embraced by lush foliage and serene shadows that can only be born of seclusion. The latter was the experience of Dan Chosich, 343 Industries Videographer; Kristofor Mellroth, Senior Audio Director at Microsoft Studios; and Dennis Ries, 343 Industries Producer, on a recent excursion to Skywalker Ranch.

The workplace of film director and producer George Lucas, Skywalker Ranch is a fascinating example of a self-sustaining ecosystem, housing everything from vineyards and organic gardens to uniquely designed lodging (inspired by legends like George Gershwin and John Houston) and a 300-seat theater. The creative atmosphere breeds intense focus and drive, which is why we chose Skywalker Sound—the music recording division of Lucas Digital motion picture group—as the place to propel the Halo: Anniversary score to a world-class level of quality.

Tech Building to the left

These are the musicians you're looking for.

We are recording the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra performing Pyramind’s new orchestrations of the original music composed by Marty O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori. We are also recreating all the rock and synth music with updated productions by Pyramind. Striving to be as respectful and authentic as possible to the original, while utilizing the absolute highest production techniques available, the ultimate goal is to create an experience as good as you remember it being, but still new-sounding. At the helm of the recreation of this audio are:

Kristofor Mellroth – Senior Audio Director

Paul Lipson - COO/Audio Director (Orchestration, Transcription, Virtualization, Guitars)

Leslie Ann Jones - Director of Music and Scoring at Skywalker Sound

Gregory J. Gordon - CEO/Founder (Mix and Mastering)

Michael Roache - Project Manager

Lennie Moore - Transcription, Part Prep, Orchestra Session Librarian

Brian Trifon - Synthesis specialist for Anniversary

Tom Salta - Drums and Percussion specialist for Anniversary

Wataru Hokoyama – Conductor

AFM Union musicians from the Skywalker Symphony Orchestra

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