Beyond ME3?

Some hotshot on Bioware's design team for Mass Effect 3 has been quoted as saying this of the ending of the the third game in the series:

“Well, it’s exciting. That would be the word that comes to mind for me. It’s exciting to be able to deliver an epic trilogy and wrap up the story in a way that’s going to be really satisfying, and high impact, and intense. And answer a lot of questions for the fans and bring it to a really satisfying conclusion…”

But is this the end for the Mass Effect Universe once Sheppard finally saves the universe from the Reapers? Casey again says:

"Even though we will effectively finish the trilogy it’s not like it’s over in the sense of 'Hey, we’re going to put the Mass Effect world on the shelf forever and never come back to it.' We’ve already been thinking about that."

Which basically says absolutely nothing new about ME3. So what else can I crib from the net that's slightly more interesting?

The executive producer, Casey Hudson on Mass Effect 3 over at BioWare said that the team has made many combat improvements for the new game:

"If you look at the way Mass Effect 2 was received by fans and critics - given the huge, sweeping changes we made - I think there's reason to believe that the formula we arrived at was right. Now, I think there are tweaks we can make to that."

Hudson pointed to improved cover mechanics, more aggressive AI enemies, and ladders providing access to multi-leveled areas as clear indicators that the combat will play better in ME3. He's especially proud of the AI tweaks that make each enemy act differently. "They have very specific roles on the battlefield, and those roles - like chess pieces - work together a lot better because they have unique tactics". So watch your flank. That said I doubt it's gonna be up to Halo: Reach standard.

Oh, so what could it be? Prothean Nascar Racing?

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