Reach Game play Statistics

As ususal I'm gonna cherry pick the best bits of out of Urks's Bungie Weekley Update. I LOVE how he's not such a smug wiseass like that other guy was, Luke. Like Frankie did when he was at Bungie, Urk sets the tone  just right.

So some stats from the update. People love Halo: Reach and here's the proof:
  • 31,000,000 Games have been played since launch
  • 98,000,000 Player-games have been recorded
  • 8,214,338 Daily Challenges have been completed
  • 255,996 Weekly Challenges have been completed
  • 78,499,560,895 Total Credits have been earned
  • 953 Man-years have been spent in matchmade games
  • 1365 Man-years have been spent in campaign
  • 854,107 files have been uploaded
  • 577,804 recommendations have been sent to friends
Thay's a boat load of numbers eh?

The Boot: Harsh but fair?

I noted I got booted from matchmaking a couple of times immediately after killing a team player after they RAN INTO MY GRENADES. I was impressed with the speed with which I was nerfed. Urk provides an insight: hate the game, not the player:

"We’re seeing reports of players being booted for betrayals after just one measly stinkin’ team kill. Yup, it actually can and will happen, but as always, it’s a bit more nuanced than it appears to be on first glance.

Currently Halo: Reach is using a betrayal system similar to the one employed by Halo 2, where players accumulate strikes against their betrayal count not just for straight up kills, but also for doing non-fatal damage to their teammates.

Of course, none of that is communicated very well in game, so it’s no surprise that you’re freaking out about it. Even internally, we’ve already talked about tweaks to the current system and we’re looking into deploying a solution. Don’t worry; it’s something we can configure without a major update, so you can expect to hear back from us soon about some modified betrayal booting conditions. Maybe December. (Yes, that's a joke.)

For now, here’s how you remedy the problem:

Stop shooting your teammates

Seems like pretty fair advice, harder said than done though the way I play!

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