Hints and Ticks: for Halo; Reach

"There will be order in this Council!"
Here's some hints and ticks on defeating the Covenant as supplied by Bungie via USA Today:

  • The Covenant Elites have strong energy shields that make them relatively immune to human ballistic weapons. Keep the trigger held down on the Plasma Pistol to launch an "overcharged" blast that will immediately drop their shields, leaving them vulnerable to the Spartan's Assault Rifle or Pistol
  • The Covenant Jackals hide behind shields that are nearly impervious to damage. Use an accurate weapon such as the DMR (designated marksman rifle) or Pistol and aim for the small notch on the side. A successful hit will cause the Jackal to temporarily lower his shield, exposing him for a finishing blow.
  • The Covenant Hunters are essentially walking tanks that can laugh off most forms of attack while dishing out significant damage. Aim for the exposed orange fleshy parts of their bodies. They are also weak on the back side and, after taking enough damage, the armor will break off, exposing vulnerable organic tissue. (Bonus Pro Tip: If you happen to have the "Hologram" armor ability, it's a great means of getting a Hunter to turn away from you and expose its back.)
  • All the Armor Abilities offer different strategies and opportunities throughout the campaign, but the "Drop Shield" could end up being your best friend for a lot of the more intense battles. This bubble temporarily protects and HEALS any Spartans inside of it.
  • Take advantage of the expertise of the Noble Team Spartans– they are quite competent on the battlefield, and they can't be killed during the course of battle. When all else fails, fall back and let your fellow Spartans take the brunt of the assault.
  • Always be on the lookout for better weapons and always keep yourself well stocked with ammunition. Ideally, you'd like to have a long-range weapon and a short-range weapon at all times so you're prepared for anything around the next corner.
  •  If you see a powerful weapon such as a Rocket Launcher, don't waste it on easy enemies like Grunts or Jackals. If a designer has placed Rockets in the mission, chances are you will need them for a more challenging enemy ahead.
  • Your base health doesn't fully recharge in Reach. You'll need to find a health pack -- plentiful throughout the campaign -- or use the "Drop Shield" armor ability.
  • You can exchange weapons with other friendly soldiers in your squad. Friendly troops have unlimited ammunition, which can be extremely useful when you hand them something like a Rocket Launcher. (They can also be invaluable as a well-armed passenger in your Warthog.)
There you have, some sweet tricks and hints on how to gain the advantage over the AI - what do you have up your sleeve? Leave some wise advice in the comments!

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