Get your Firehead on!

Here's a Bungie day treat from er.. Bungie...

For years now you've all sat by watching Bungie employees run amok through Halo 3 with our fancy flaming helmets. This special secret armor is reserved only for our team but today, in honor of Bungie Day, we're loaning our fancy chest piece to you, our awesome fans. 

This is a one-day only affair so get in there and get your flame on before it's too late. You should find a very sexy new chest piece, the one that resembles a sports bra, that will automatically ignite flames on your head when you go into the game. You'll also get a Bungie emblem by your name in the lobby. For today only, you can experience a taste of what it's like to be on the inside. 

Let the corpse humping flaming madness begin!

Beware that EVERYONE playing Halo 3 for roughly the next 24 hours will appear as if they are a Bungie employee. They are not. While you may find one or two legit employees out in the wild, the truth is that our team is neck deep playtesting Reach so anyone who tries to claim they are legit is probably just frontin'. Tomorrow everything will go back to normal and just a few hundred people will be pretending to be Bungie employees. 

Until then, enjoy the flames. You've earned 'em. 

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