Birth of a Kat?

Hey, it's been a crazy first three days of the week so I'm simply borrowing from Grunts R Us on this one:

"Photos of what appeared to be a shoot for another Halo: Reach live-action ad surfaced on before being quickly taken down. The photos showed an actor in a full Kat suit in front of a green screen. Biscuit Filmworks (the company that made “Birth of a Spartan”) appear to be the ones behind the shoot, so it’s probably safe to say we’ll see the rest of Noble Team at some point."

Well we can expect heaps of Halo: Reach promotion and propaganda in the upcoming months so it's no surprise there's been a leak in this regard. Eh? Eh? 

Extra for Trainspotters and Bon Jovi fans:

Did I mention how awesome Bon Jovi's We Weren't Born to Follow is? You can hardly imagine a Spartan not agreeing with the sentiments of the song.... what do you think a Spartan's favourite band be? Tool? U2?

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