Mister Chief: Petroglyph Style

HawtyMcBloggy's BS Angel is like the magpie of the online Halo universe, always being her readers the weird and wonderful. A Grunt cake? No problem. Awesome Halo tattoos? Heck, she had those up six months ago.

Today's find is an absolute classic however. It's a stone age Mister Chief:

Here's the original shot which is apparently in Petroglyph Beach in Wrangell, Alaska.

Who the heck is Mister Chief you might ask? He's Mr 343, Frank O'Connor's version of the Master Chief. Frank was well known for his stint at Bungie, where he often drew Mister Chief for various reasons. Frankie's latest was an effort for the Haitian Earthquake relief fund which was auctioned off. It featured Mister Chief and Oonsk:

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