Halo Haiku

Here's my Haiku to try and win an early code to the Reach Beta:

Planet scorched
Men found to be wanting
Spartans FTW

WTF Jimmy? A haiku? Well it's seems a legit competition is being run as Halo Waypoint Retweeted it..

RT: @CraveNGN Want an early access code to the Halo: Reach Beta? RT this message, follow @CraveNGN and @ them with a Halo Themed Haiku.

So get onto your own Haiku and maybe I'll see you in the Beta!

Here's some of the entries so far:

SzrZx @CraveNGN
 one more For the win, flawless game is my middle name, hell yeah, KILLTASTIC

Dee_Cazo @CraveNGN This Submission sucks, but I like playing Halo,Here is my entry

Chenmeister @CraveNGN Halo Reach Beta / They say it's super awesome / I need to try it

Sycomikey91 @CraveNGN we are surrounded// brutes, elites, jackals, and grunts// we will destroy them!

SzrZx @CraveNGN driving through the map, just stalking for a splatter, double kill it is

Gamer0309 @craveNGN Hiakus are so lame. But Halo is terrific. Hiakus just got cool

Sycomikey91 @CraveNGN I will stand and fight// my Spartan brothers with me// we all stand and fight

Gamer0309 @CraveNGN Party time in May. But Thursday is in April. Halo in April?
AJD2 @cravengn Oh Battle Rifle How I love a good 4 shot You majestic beast

FlashKwonDo @CraveNGN halo reach beta//jet packs stickys and needlers//rag doll explosions!!!!

bonzai1888 @CraveNGN Darkness falls on reach UNSC prepares for contact Fall of reach begins

This exercise reminded my of a Halo poem I wrote a while back.

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Unknown said...

ummmm reach beta code please! thx!