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Tuesday, February 16

Proof Buck is in Reach?

There's a toy convention going on some where in America and the line of Halo products is being showcased for sale... Toy Fair 2010 has a whole heap of Halo figurine pictures which give away the not so secret yet not confirmed plot point that Buck from ODST will be Reach...

Well, it looks like Buck any way, its that classic pose of his...

This guy is  a character from Halo Wars called Sargeant Forge. Forge. Hmmm where did that name come from? Hey, it ryhmes with Jorge...!

The pictures also showed a lot of Brutes... of course they could just be Halo figures and not Halo Reach figures but there's also a lot of boxes with the characters in them......sadly I didn't spy a Buck-in-a-Box!


Anonymous said...

Your fucking retarded. They made toys for every game and they were just selling a "Buck". It doesn't matter what showcase it was in.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Thanks for your input anon. FYI it's 'you're' and not 'your'


Anonymous said...

good come back