Has anyone solved the "whvidldshbyjsdo" anacronym yet?

Has anyone solved the "whvidldshbyjsdo" acronym/puzzle yet?
It's one of those crazy acronym that Bungie have thrown out over the years. This one was put out in blatant site for all to ponder as the url for their ODST game page:


Can anyone solve this teaser? A tasty toasted cheese and bacon sandwhich for the first person to solve the mystery!*

I have a theory it might have been an actual line of a dialogue from ODST... maybe the cut scenes or one of those extra lines one gets when you turn that special skull on.... in the way that 'I Would Have Been Your Daddy' was uttered by Sgt Johnson in the Halo 1 level 'Assault on the Control Room'. The rest of the line is 'but the dog beat me over the fence!'

This wikia has a list of suppossed other acronyms... they are pretty random!

*Will courier to the States, can't guarantee it will get past hungry Customs Officials.

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