What are the new weapons in Halo: Reach?

Bungie have issued some new details on the weapons that will be found in Halo: Reach. Here's some news bout the Assault Rifle, Designated Marksman Rifle and the Needle Rifle which is a new Covenant weapon.

Assault Rifle

A certified stalwart in the UNSC’s arsenal, the Assault Rifle has scrubbed more than its fair share of Covenant scum up close and personal. First introduced with Halo: Combat Evolved, it missed a beat in Halo 2, but made its triumphant return to Halo 3 and by now you should know it’s making a return with a pretty significant visual overhaul in Halo: Reach.

“Everything has been touched in one way or another. That being said, some of the weapons had already gone through some serious iterations at this point in Halo’s life and so in some cases changes have been kept to a minimum. Either way, the visual face lift was worth its weight in gold. All the weapons, including the classics, are looking AMAZING!”

Designated Marksman Rifle

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“The DMR, or Designated Marksman Rifle “is a medium-to-long range support weapon. In range and play style it fits between the Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle in the Human sandbox. Powerful in skilled hands, its rewards the ‘gunfighter’ – the calm, accurate player, who like to be in the fight. Its primary role is to suppress snipers and soften opposition before the shock troops close.”

“The DMR is deadly accurate if you breathe through the shots and get into the rhythm of firing it, but it quickly falls apart if you freak out and really start slamming the trigger. A player with surgeon’s hands will be able to use it anywhere, anytime. Players that struggle with their composure in a heated fight however will find it better suited to working guys from a distance, picking off the sick and weak from the herd.”

And for those looking for that elegant weapon for a more civilized age, it looks like the DMR might be the implement of war you’re looking for.

Needle Rifle

Speaking of Covenant forces, Reach may be a UNSC military stronghold, but the Covenant war machine is at the height of its military power. The Needle Rifle is one of the more fearsome and unique weapons in their invasion force’s arsenal and a fitting counter to the Designated Marksman Rifle. It’s also one of the weapons we’ve revealed that seems to be surrounded with the most ambiguity. Let’s clear some stuff up.

“While it is very similar to the Carbine in several ways, including its ability to headshot (Unicorn!), it’s still 100% Needler and comes stock with the ability to super-combine when it comes in contact with your enemies and spread them like jam across a warm piece of toast. Unlike the Needler, the rounds don’t track your target…because that would just be ridiculous.”

“The Needle Rifle is the Covenant’s answer to the DMR. It’s a medium-to-long range weapon with powerful anti-shield damage. It’s faster and more accurate than the DMR, but doesn’t have the same stopping power. It’s a Blamite! super-combining weapon (three shots to an unshielded body) that can also score headshots.”

In other news I saw ACDC in Wellington last night. Covenant  forces wouldn't have been able to take them out!


Curlyjoe353 said...

wow, cant wait till i get to play this game

Anonymous said...

im w8in for the vehicle to make their into gameplay ill be all over that tank like a fat kid on a cupcake!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Reach is fucking awsome idk how you could not like it i mean halo3 has things in game that make no sence like the new armor the mc is wearing at the begining of the game were did he get new armor when he was on a forunner ship with covi ship? dosent make any sence reach how ever fits into the story line and yuo cant say stuff in reach dotn fit in since reach take place before the other halos

Anonymous said...

the beta of reach is awsome multiplayer demo have to have odst to download it it says download it where it has updats

Anonymous said...

i think the halo franchise is great but reach takes the cake it gives me great plesure to have pre orderd and the legendary edition looks awsome and the xbox live game play will be better when it actualy comes out i cant wait

Reach Ru1es said...

Halo Reach is the best fking game of this time plus i like the update for the assult rifle and my fav wep is tha DMR! iv completed halo reach on easy,medium,heroic and legendary WOOT!