More pictures of Halo: Reach Concept Art

Bungie's on full release mode / tease duty what with all the art and Spartan info. Here's some concept pictures. It's interesting to note how their palate kind of matched that from the first trailer.

Some kind of outpost?

Hey did any of you guys see a Grunt came running though here?

Some kind of pioneer / colony thing going on. Looks like Mordor kinda.

Here's that cheese knife you asked for, Marine. I made it special sharp!

Here's 'A soldier gets rained on'*. Which is a post modernist revisionist contemplation on how the rain symbolised the pain of the assault of the Elite troops on Reach and that no planet is an island. Or something. Either way artist Alex Chu claimed artistry braggin rights.

* my title.

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chasenine said...

Amazing artwork in here. I just want to say (as an artist) that it is very inspiring, and I think the color palette chosen is just perfect for the mood and setting of Reach!