Top 10 Things about Halo Reach: So Far

Top 10 lists are easy. Writing them about Halo is way too easy....

Top 10 Things about Halo Reach: So Far:

  • Buck is Back, Baby. ODST’s Buck was one of the best bits about that game. His cameo in Reach is eagerly awaited.
  • There’s a Spartan with a Skull Face. That spells attitude to me. Emile 239 is a baddass. Heck, I wish the game was only about him!
  • Matchmaking in Firefight mode? Hoora! ODST Firefight was awesome when you could actually find some mates to play....
  • Designated Marksman Rifle. The name just conjures thoughts of Grunt headshots from across the lay of the land.
  • Assignation moves. No more firing a shot and waking up the neighbourhood!
  • Skirmishers are the new foe. Grunts and Jackals can get boring quickly, especially on the easier game modes – Skirmishers are a new contest. Let’s hope they are better than the ‘buggers’ from Halo 2!
  • Sprinting! You know on Legendary Mode when your shields are down and you need that last second to get to the rock to hide? Sprint will get you there faster!
  • There’s a Spartan with a mechanical arm. I thought it was the drummer from Def Leppard that only had one arm? One arm and still fighting? Kat-320 is a bad ass babe!
  • Needler Rifle. As if the revised Needler in Halo 3 wasn't deadly enough!

  • Winter Contingency has been declared. Nuff said.

Do you have anything else to add, Soldier? Do you know what the ladies like?

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