Will the Master Chief be in Halo: Reach? Who else?

halo 3 master chief

Will the Master Chief be in Halo: Reach?

Update: The Master Chief appears in Reach as an Easter Egg

In short, maybe but probably not. And before you ask, the Chief is Not Noble Six.

The Master Chief certainly features in the novel, The Fall of Reach. However, the planet ulimately gets wiped out when the Chief is away doing 'another business'.

We do know that Halo Reach game will follow Noble Team and this strongly implies Master Chief will not be a feature of  the Halo Reach campaign....

Read on!

At the time Reach is attacked, there are 30 Spartan soldiers on board the Pillar of Autumn ship, preparing to embark on a mission to capture a Covenant Prophet.

The surprise attack on Reach changes the game quickly and the primary mission becomes the defence of the planet. The Spartans quickly realise that Reach's Orbital MAC Canons’ power source must not be disabled by the invading forces on the ground so their defence is required.

At the same time, NAV data in a space dock that would point the Covenant to Earth needs to be either destroyed or made safe. A decision has to be made to deal with an almost Catch 22 situation.

Master Chief is quoted in the Halo Novel "First Strike" as saying, "With all due respect, sir, Spartans are trained to handle difficult missions. I'll split my squad. Three will board the space dock and make sure that NAV data does not fall into the Covenant's hands. The remainder of the Spartans will go groundside and repel the invasion forces."

The Chief joins the smaller group on the space mission before he escapes on the Pillar of Autumn to begin the events every Halo fan knows from Combat Evolved. This effectively then eliminates 117 from being in the Halo: Reach game as he is not on the ground.

The remainder of the Spartans do however make their way to reach. The Halo: Reach announcement trailer has a Spartan talking – this might be the time this group lands on the Planet.

After intense fighting with numerous Spartans lost in battle, a group of five retreat underground before running into more Covenant forces as well as some Forerunner artifacts (Important side note - The Forerunner artefacts are the reason the Covenant refrain from totally glassing planet Reach, thereby necessitating the extensive ground battle’s occurrence.)

The five Spartans are called Fred, Kelly, Vinh, Isaac, and Will. Two women and three men. Team Noble  may run into this group of Spartans but it seems a little unlikley as the established Halo canon in the novel makes no mention of it... still, that reasoning is not airtight eh?

NO seriously Jimmy, there's no Master Chief in Reach?

Halo 3 Series 3 - Master ChiefI don't think so Tim, but of course Bungie could do a big twist on us in some way and make numerous references to the Master Chief during the game and feature him at the end in some fashion. My pick is that he will be in the legendary cutscene that will no doubt roll following the end credits of the Reach game thus neatly linking Reach to the events of the original games, particularly the start of Combat Evolved. That's a guess though people!

Micosoft has given a strong hint though that the Chief will be in the version of Halo that they produce (as opposed to Bungie's Reach)...

There are some other likely candidates to appear in Reach:

Dr. Catherine Halsey: She is the scientist who created and ran the Spartan-II projet that resulted in John 117. Dr Halsey was on Reach at the time of the attack. Of course the same problem with this idea is that in the novel she never meet team Noble. 

Captain Keyes: Keyes actually unwittingly lead the Covenant to Reach and involved in the fighting before the planet was lost.

Cortana: The A.I. was at Reach during the battle, Cortana may have a part to play. It would be an excuse for Bungie to put some purple space boobies in the game! 

The Arbiter: Halo 2's playable character was charge of one of the fleets fleet that attacked Reach. He led the fleet of ships that followed Captain Keyes' ship Pillar of Autumn to the original Halo installation, which he ultimately failed to protect, leading to his disgrace in Halo 2.

ODST's Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck - Check out this interview with some Bungie employees that strongly hints Buck will be in Halo: Reach in some form or another.

We do know at this point there will be a new enemy, the Skirmisher.

Update: The news in the first Vidoc suggested that Reach might have Engineers and Brutes....

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JJ said...

Update: Note the names of the Spartans in the trailer are different from those in the book - this may mean there's a different story to be told in the Halo Reach Game than that of the novel, The Fall of Reach....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, JJ is right, Reach will focus on team Noble.

Anonymous said...

Halo Reach is Awesome!

Anonymous said...

what JJ just said was kind of stupid...

Unknown said...

halo reach takes place a few decades after reach was taken. noble team is merely an insertion force. Jorge is a spartan II. the rest of noble team is are spartan III's. the spartan III program didn't take effect until twenty years later and were trained by JLT. kurt ambrose, aka spartan 051.teh spartan III's were suposed to be a top secret program where they were given SPI armor and used to take out valuable targets. THEY WERE NOT EXPECTED TO SURVIVE!!! spartan III=dispoasible heros

Unknown said...

. the*

Anonymous said...

What that guy said^, and the noble team was special, so they each got mjolnir armor. Instead of SPI.

Anonymous said...

BRING MASTER CHIEF BACK! This game isnt going to be the same without him. We need to find out what happens to him and cortana at the end of H3. This is bullshit!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous poster of August 16, 2010 10:11 AM:

The events of Halo: Reach precede that of the events of Halo: 3. Therefore, even if they did decide to unnescessarily alter the true story line of Reach to cater to the John 117 fan boys, it would not tell you what happened to them after the events of Halo: 3.

Oh and by the way. The whole point of this game was to have a break from Master Chief, besides the fact they were sticking to the storyline of Reach. ODST was nothing special even though it had an new, but extremely uninteresting main character, and people quickly deemed it obsolete to things like the Halo Multiplayer experience or even the plain Halo: 3 game. So I guess what I'm just trying to say is: Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Basically, what Mechalisus said: Humanity is bigger than Master Chief and Cortana.

There seems to be a lot of confusion but I have read fall of reach and have read countless hours of Ascendant Justice blogs and halopedia. I can tell you that Noble 6 was a selected group of Spartan III's because they were better than the other Spartan III's. I believe Kirk wanted to use the talent he saw and didn't like that all of the S-III's died. Another thing, depending on when Kirk died would determine when Noble 6 took place. I believe Kirk dies in Ghosts of Onyx, which takes place after Halo 2? I forgot.

There's also a lot of room to add new elements and back story in Halo lore so don't be surprised by new material. We dont know the whole format and sequence of the story of Halo:Reach, so it might actually have cut scenes of the entire era.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody beat lone wolf