Why is the Planet Reach so important to the Halo story line?

Note this is from Halo 2, not game footage from Reach itself.

Why is the Planet Reach so important to the Halo story line?

In the Halo universe, the planet Reach is the most important of all the human colonies. Set in the Epsilon Eridani system, it is the central home of the United Nations Space Command Fleet Command Headquarters which calls the shots on all things space combat.

Reach is also the home of single largest spaceship manufacturer, making it the bastion of military power for human kind.

The planet is where UNSC soldiers are trained. Reach is also where the secretive Spartan training program was conducted which lead to creation of our hero Spartan, John 117 aka Master Chief.

The Covenant was able to determine the position of Reach after the Iroquois ship captained by Keyes headed to back to Reach following a battle with Covenant forces.

Reach finally falls after being kept a secret for so long when an invasion force of 300 Covenant attacks and deploys its armies. The force is simply overwhelming, and Reach quickly is destroyed.

Given the important strategic nature of Reach, the Covenant’s attack on the planet was a masterstroke on their behalf as it effectively was a neuter job on mankind. However, ultimately it proved the beginning of the end....

Click here for a more full synopsis of the Fall of Reach which was written by Eric Nylund.

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