There's a petition to change the ending of ME3. Really?

This is the end, my friend?
So apparently there is a fan based campaign based on a petition to get Bioware to change the end of Mass Effect 3. WTF? I’m only about 10 percent through the game itself (and loving it) so have no idea what I’m in for. Are the Humans building a Halo installation of Prothean design? Who knows, who cares. For me , in an RPG, the journey is the point of the game. Not the ending. Sure it’s cool to have a good ending. Halo 3? Gears 3? The Sixth Sense?

Yep, but dear petitioners, where were you for that ME3 ending when you had to shoot the arms of a totally not scary Reaper? Where were you and your petitions when there was that lame as ending to Halo 2?

Perhaps I judged Christina Norman too harshly yesterday. She basically told fans to play the games and don’t tell producers how to make their games and it sounds like this petition is what she was talking about.

I read that ME3 shipped 3.5 million units of awesomeness. 20,000 random names on an internet petition hardly sounds like a real winter of discontent.

Without having finished ME3, I say man up, enjoy or get over the ending and save your pennies for the sequel / prequel ME4 and get ready start your bitching again…..

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