Horde Command Pack delayed

Update: It's out. Go download it!

Epic Games had this to announce today about the Horde Command Pack

We are sorry to have to report today that the scheduled release of the first DLC for “Gears of War 3”, the Horde Command Pack has been delayed. We experienced a technical issue late last week during some of our final testing, and were unable to resolve the problem today to ensure a timely release. No one is more disappointed than ourselves over this unexpected development. We are working as fast as we can to identify the issue and get the package out to all of our fans. We will get the content live the minute we have confirmed a fix and let everyone know that it is ready to go.

Stay tuned to gearsofwar.com and the various Gears twitter feeds (@GearsofWar3,@raczilla, @GearsViking, @theRealCliffyB, @HammerofWynn) to be sure that you are up to date on all of the latest news and info on Gears of War and the Horde Command Pack.

It would seem the Raam DLC is unaffected.

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