Halo Reach Usage Stats: Some of us Suck

Elite with full armour from Halo Reach

Given there's not much new Halo news since the game has come out, other than a few cool Easters eggs and hints about DLC, Bungie has provided us with the next best thing, some stats on the usage of Halo: Reach.

They are really quite telling and reveal a lot about the Halo community and how it plays. Some of us are awesome and some of us just suck:

As per Stosh in the Weekly Update:
  • So, barely 5% of players have earned the “A Monument to all Your Sins” achievement. What about the rest of ‘em? Is assassinating an Elite in mid-fall as challenging for everyone else as it is for you? Here are a few more stats taken from the 10/2 Xbox LIVE report: 
  • The most common achievement earned is “Doctor, Doctor.” Over 80% of players have used a health path to replenish life.
  • The rarest achievement is “Make it Rain” which makes sense considering you have to hit the rank of Lt. Colonel first. As of 10/2, less than 1% of players have earned this.
  • “If They Came to Hear Me Beg” has been completed by roughly 10% of players – nearly double the amount of people who have beaten the game on Legendary solo. (I admit I have yet to earn this, but honestly haven’t really put much effort towards it yet)
  • Over 17% of players have earned “Heat in the Pipe” by scoring 1,000,000 points in a Firefight game. Estimated percentage of those who did it WITHOUT “cheesing” (making a custom gametype with infinite ammo, unlimited shields, etc…) = .0001%.
  • Twice as many people have completed the campaign on Legendary co-operatively vs. alone.
  • Barely 16% of you have killed 10 enemies in Firefight or Campaign with a supercombine explosion. Come on people, this is cake. Play Score Attack and pick either Sniper Attack or Crash Site (both feature unlimited ammo) and grab yourself a Needler or Needle Rifle and go nuts. Bam.
I can't understand that pwnly 5 percent of people have completed Reach on Legendary. It's such a fun way to play Halo 6. Sure, some people are only in it for the story, a quick run and gun and then off to match making for the next three years but 5 percent seems so low....it's not that hard Halo fans, MAN UP!

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