Sunday, October 3

Halo 2 Map tricks work in Reach

It's here because it's awesome!
I haven't put a million hours into the Halo: Reach multiplayer arm of the game yet but I've played enough to observe a possible information asymmetry which keen Halo 2 players should be able to work to their advantage, for the time being anyway.

People who've put the hours into Halo 2 maps like Ascension and Ivory Tower will be completely 'map aware' when the new versions come up in Reach multiplayer (being Pinnacle and Reflection). This means you can employ all the tricks you learnt in Halo 2 maps in the Reach remakes.

So on Reflection you can camp by that elevator and melee all the noobs and on Pinnacle you can keep grabbing the rockets before they figure out you have to jump off the map to get to them....

My reasoning for all of this is that while Halo 2 was popular, H3 was wayyyyy more popular so there is a whole horde of players who have never played H2 maps and think they they are the shizzle when in reality us old timers (not quite grizzled ancients) might know a thing or two yet....

Extra for Experts:

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