Who loves who the most?

Hawtymcbloggy has totally rocked the Bungie Day with a collaborative post that ends the love back to the guys and gals at Bungie. Check out the love! Full post here.
How do we love you? Let us count the ways...
Bungie Day is a holiday created by Bungie Studios that revels in the glory of their favorite number. Occurring on the seventh day of the seventh month since the year 2007, fans and studio members alike have honored this special day for three years running. Today we commemorate the occasion with the theme, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” So without further ado, these are the reasons why you, the active members of our tight-knit community, love Halo. I would say we should count them, but I’m pretty sure numbers don’t go that high.
Halo 3 Screenshot
by Chris Haldor [original file]

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How do I love 7hee? Le7 me coun7 7he ways.
I love 7hee 7o 7he wave and round and se7
And when drope7h does Reach, we never will forge7
Phor 7he ends of  and such 7hings.
And never in wra7h does 7he banhammer swing.
Mos7 quie7 lay, when facing the Guardians’ migh7.
I love 7hee deeply, especially when playing Firefigh7
I love 7hee 7ruly, when my Splazer rains dea7h
I love 7hee with a passion, hard to pu7 in7o words
Some suffer from griefers, ye7 few lose 7heir fai7h
We all love 7hee, Bungie, our 7rue fellow nerds.
Wi7h all my los7 sleep – I love 7hee with my las7 brea7h
Sho77ys, je7packs, 7ools of your 7rade! – and, if 7he Webmaster choose,
I shall love 7hee even after being 7eabagged to dea7h.
7hanks for all 7he good 7imes!
Halo: Reach is gonna kick ass!
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Halo 3 Screenshot
by Reggae Panda [original file]
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How do I love thee Bungie, I do not know.
It could be your amazing games you’ve put out four times in a row.
It could be the fact that I have gotten fatter; or the fact that only video games matter?
It could be the fact that Halo is awesome, the fact that GoW and MW2 had to copy you.
This is no different from roses are red and violets are blue.
I love thy Bungie like a warm summer’s day.
Well, maybe not that much because it sounds really gay.
I will keep on playing for the rest of my life,
or at least until June 30th when out comes Twilight.
No I’m just kidding, I wouldn’t do that. Edward Cullen can suck on my ball sack.
Master Chief is the one for me or Marty O’ Donnell with his amazing melodies.
He renders me speechless with his wondrous work,
I’ll be his little school girl in a tight little skirt.
Maybe Joe Staten would like some of my humps,
they’re a lot juicer than than those mean little Grunts.
I’m not saying I’m gay because I know I am not,
but proof that I love Bungie was on Sept. 27th.
HaloO 3 is what I bought. And when it all comes around for me,
that’s how I know I LOVE THEE BUNGIE! ! ! !
P.S. You guys r amazing. You have caused my mom to give me so much shit, and every time I gave her the finger and to get outta my room so I can play one more game. God bless you guys for letting me waste ten years of my life.
-Sepharim IZ God

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PS Did you get your Flaming Head Gear?

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