An Epic Joe Tung interview has done an interview with Joe Tung (read his blog at Noble Actual) as part of the E3 promotional round for Halo Reach. Here's the first part of the interview which featured a discussion about the new space mission and flying round in the Sabre.

Q: Space is a new battlefield for Bungie. Did you look to other flight combat games on other consoles to see what they were doing right or wrong, or was it something you were happy to innovate off of your own backs?

JT: Sage Merrill, who's our sandbox designer for Reach, he actually worked on Crimson Skies. He absolutely looked at lots of other flight games that were out there. But you know we didn't want to make a flight simulator for Reach. We wanted to make a very accessible, easy to use and fun to play space mission. So there's a little bit of a difference in trying to make a fully-featured flight sim and the mission we made, I think. Sage did an amazing job of nailing the Saber.

Q: So is the flight mission all his work?

JT: The Saber is his work and then he works with the mission designer to put together what you see there.

Q: So space combat is only in one level in the game?

JT: It is.

Q: Can you use it in multiplayer?

JT: You can play four-player co-op and everyone will have their own Saber.

That's right, your own one of these!
Q: Can we expect to see any new gameplay mechanics?

JT: There are quite a lot of other new things in the game. There's nothing else we can talk about today. But there's some really exciting stuff in campaign and multiplayer that we've yet to announce.

Q: Is the Saber limited to campaign?

EO: The Saber is limited to campaign, so you can play campaign co-op four players, and you'll all have your own Saber like Joe says. You can go in and take the mission on. The full mission isn't Saber start to finish. As you saw you start on the beach a little bit, you work your way up, there's also some combat afterwards that we're not revealing at this time. There's plenty of stuff in the campaign that's going to be sweet. This is just a taste of what's going to be in Reach. It's one small facet of the overall campaign that we're putting together. We're super excited and unfortunately we can't talk about all of the stuff we're really excited about.

JT: I can't say enough how much this is just a tiny slice of the entire game. The game is pretty epic in scope.


No shit Joe! The only thing that would make Halo Reach more epic would be to call it Halo: Reach It's Epic!

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