Monday, May 3

Imagine if your cell phone tried to take a million phone calls at once?

Imagine if your cell phone tried to take a million phone calls at once?

That's what's happening with the servers that are serving us the wonderous gift of Halo Reach Beta. Alas, its an onslaught of pain. Bugnie's onto and have posted this to help you find matchmaking games:

Some quick tips to shorten your wait.


So, yup some stuff is on fire here at the office and if the forums are any indication, we were totally unprepared, don't care about our real fans, and should totally give everyone their zero dollars back with a side of free Xbox LIVE. While none of that's the case, our test team just broke away from an epic struggle with some molten server metal and 600,000 players to deliver us some quick tips to help you get games going a little bit faster.

  • Don't restart your search, even if load times are long. The initial load for map and game type will take a really long time, which is super lame, but once you've made the connection, the files will be cached to your hard drive and the next time you load to same map/game type, it should be nice and fast.
  • Don't reboot or reload the beta. It won't help and it will actually clear your cache, making your wait times much longer.
  • Don't leave your party. Since everybody in the party has to load the same files, your wait is tied to other player's download process as well. Stick with the same crew and things should iron out.

Rest assured that we're working on the issues and as soon as things start to smooth out, we'll let you know. Thanks for your patience.

In other words, QUIT YOUR BITCHIN', SOLDIER!!!

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